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Monitor Profiles fix?

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You wrote: "There's currently a bug with the Monitor Profiles where they can get overwritten with bad values in some cases. This will be fixed up for the next 9.0 Beta. We will let you know as soon as it's available to try out."

Any update on this? It's really frustrating!! At one point I did something that triggered DF to tell me that the three extra monitors were not attached anymore and did I want to save the now-corrected profile. I said yes, and the problems went away.

Thinking the problem had been fixed, I then switched to the other profile. Sigh. Problem back.

I've deleted the Monitor3, Monitor4, Monitor5 entries from the profile in the registry, uninstalled graphics driver and card, installed a different card, but the problem persists. Can you tell me what I inadvertently did before to trigger DF to fix the problem?

Also, the WallpaperHistoryV4 file now has duplicate set entries. WallpaperHistoryLocalComputer201 was renamed WallpaperHistoryLocalComputer203 and the ...201 set was restarted. It did this for each set in the database. Will this get fixed or should I just delete WallpaperHistoryV4 when this fix comes out?
Aug 20, 2017  • #1
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Basically what happens, is let's say you have a Monitor Profile that has monitors 1 and 2 enabled, monitors 3, 4, 5 disabled. If for some reason Windows doesn't detect 3, 4, 5 at all any more, and you try to load the Monitor Profile, DisplayFusion will see that the Profile loads fine, but there are fewer monitors, and it prompts you to update the profile without those monitors. Unfortunately I'm not sure why those wouldn't have existed when you tried to load the profile though :(

I don't have an ETA on the next beta at the moment, but it should hopefully be within the next couple of weeks.

When the next beta is released, you'll want to delete your wallpaper history, it won't auto-correct it.
Aug 24, 2017  • #2
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I couldn't wait for the next beta so a few days ago I restored a system image I had taken a couple of weeks prior to getting caught up in this mess. In my case the left and right monitors #2 and #3 had become swapped (#1 in the center) and nothing I did could get the monitor profile to correct itself again. In the system|display properties there were six monitors, 1-2-3 active, 4-5-6 inactive and unselectable.

After restoring the system image monitors #2 and #3 were partially restored. While the monitor profiles (splits) were now showing on the correct physical monitor, and proper left-right mouse cursor movement had been restored, the monitor IDs had become permanently swapped: monitor #2 was now #3, and #3 was now #2. But no more monitors 4-5-6.

Interestingly, the wallpaper profiles remained attached to the monitor ID numbers so the wallpaper slide show images were showing up on the wrong physical monitor. This was easy enough to fix though.

Whether you intended it or not, it seems DF found a way to permanently re-assign the ID number Windows assigns to physical monitors, permanent to the extent of overriding a system image restore.

Well, this was a beta release, so I had been warned. But I am going to be much more cautious in the future about installing betas.
Sep 4, 2017  • #3
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