Multiple Monitors Made Easy

DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier! With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys, DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors easy.








視窗管理輕鬆管理桌面視窗。 使用內建功能或自行建立以調整大小與移動視窗來適合所需。




觸發器觸發器功能允許您「接聽」事件,比如建立視窗、聚焦視窗、桌面解鎖、系統閒置或更多。 接著可以執行預先設定的命令或自訂指令碼以操作該視窗,或者其它任何您所能想像的。


遠端控制從您的手機或平板遠端控制 DisplayFusion! 變更您的底色圖案、切換監視器及無數的其它能力。



有用的 Windows 10 調整

有用的 Windows 10 調整自訂化 Windows 10 適合您的需求。 移動 Power User 功能表 (Win + X) 到滑鼠位置、隱藏 Windows 鎖定畫面和更多!

... 和更多!

... 和更多!DisplayFusion 有最多豐富功能的 Windows 桌面公用程式可以使用。
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What Our Customers are Saying

"I've been a long term DisplayFusion user for many years now. It has solved problems for me, worked around windows issues, and provided excellent backdrop randomization. I'm an amateur sports photographer and use my own images. I just switched to a 4k 4k 4k monitor setup and although I still have issues with the way Windows handles high dpi and multiple monitors, DisplayFusion has been great for setting up customizations. I'm thoroughly spoiled with my mouse wheel right/left actions tossing windows to another screen. I've run betas often and found DisplayFusion to be rock solid in comparison to almost any other app. Not that it hasn't crashed once in a while, but never consistently. As a software developer myself, I rather love the constant feature creep making such a rich product.

All of that said, I really respect the eternal license model and can't stand when companies shift from eternal. Textpad as an example recently did this and I didn't pay up. DisplayFusion is my most depended-upon piece of software and I thought I'd do the reverse, so I've purchased a second Pro Personal license even though I don't have to. Have a beer on me."
-- Sean M., Dec 2017

What's New

We're very excited to announce that DisplayFusion 9.2 Beta 1 is available for download! This release fixes a bunch of issues from 9.1, and also adds the ability to specify a delay for checking Trigger Match Conditions (great for creating rules for specific websites!).
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We're excited to announce that CheckCentral now has a read-only API available, so that you can pull Check and Issue details into your own custom applications!
Read more  •  Apr 4
Congratulations to our top contributing members for March 2018! They have been hard at work submitting, rating, and discussing images on WallpaperFusion, and have racked up some impressive reputation scores along the way!
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